Yes Man

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Many people find it hard to use the word "no." Me included. So this concept of having to say "yes" to everything didn't seem like it was too far off from the everyday lives of those yessers. So the Yes Man actually looked pretty lame, especially with the dementedly crazy Jim Carrey as the lead.

Playing a seemingly similar character from a previous role in Liar Liar (a movie the movieGOOMBA does not recommend), Jim Carrey is Carl Allen, a low paid loan officer who possess the gift of saying no. To his own detriment, however, he feels the need to say no to everything, which has turned him into a no-saying recluse. Then, after visiting a seminar on "Yes!" Carl is cast under some type of spell, a la Shallow Hal, and he winds up saying yes to everything, which includes, flying lessons, learning Korean, letting a 70-year-old-neighbor lady have her way with him, and approving any and all loans that make its way onto his desk.

Quite watchable, and vastly better than I could have ever expected, Yes Man was actually a chick flick. Go figure. Zooey Deschanel plays his love interest, and though wide eyed and quite monotone, she has a quality that balances a comedian's zany disposition. She's cute and charming, yet not typical. She makes an excellent foil to Carey's strange mannerisms.

This movie was also quite empowering. It illustrates how carpe diem can change or define a life. Carl became a new man, made new friends, and found happiness.

I thought this was quite a nice, but occasionally disturbing, flick. It is Jim Carrey comedy after all. This ain't no Majestic, but it sure beat my expectations. Say "yes" to the Yes Man.

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