The Jane Austin Book Club

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I promise, I've watched better movies than this one this week, but this one was so terrible, it'll be easy for me to get out there quick.

The Jane Austin Book Club was awful. It was like reading a cheap "chick lit" book except it thankfully only took one and a half hours to get through. Haven't even heard of this movie, you say? Well that's probably a good thing. It went to theaters in October and was quickly removed to draw DVD attention for lonely housewives and pitiful romantics like myself just in time for Valentine's Day. What's that, you still want to hear about it? I know, I know. I did too.

This film stars partially recognizable ensemble cast (if you watch a lot of TV) in this pointless movie, The Jane Austin Book Club. A group of very different women (and one man; not gay) with varying relationship problems decide to form a Jane Austin book club. Over the course of six months, the women (and man) read all of Austin’s novels, reflect over her timeless romances, and change for what I think was suppose to be for the better . . . except I didn't really see that metamorphosis. I just saw some messed up women start making normal choices.

Whenever I got to the library, I see books like this all the time. Divine Sisters of the YaYa Sisterhood, The Knitting Club, The Red Hat Club. Movies too; The First Wives Club, The Joy Luck Club, Steel Magnolias (which is actually good). Do you notice a trend in the titles here? Gag me.

Women aren’t this emotionally retarded. I was insulted for my gender. Save yourself this Valentine’s; watch Becoming Jane or Once instead.

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