August Rush

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


One time, back in the days of "the WB," I was watching Felicity in the living room, and my mom passed by. I said "Isn't Keri Russell so pretty?" She replied, "Eck, she's too pretty." And from then on, every time I see her, I think she really is too pretty.

So I finally got around to watching August Rush. Of course, Keri Russell was too pretty, Irish import, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, was also pretty, and Robin Williams was pretty janky looking. Lyla and Louis have a highly romanticized one night stand, which inevitably turns into an Evan Taylor. Unfortunately, both Lyla and Louis never found each other after that night, and Evan Taylor was given up for adoption. Extraordinarily, Evan Taylor inherited his parent's musical talent, and as he convinces himself that he can find his parents with his music, he wanders the streets of New York searching for them through song.

So many things wrong with this movie - first, Robin Williams was obviously suppose to be the bad guy. He kind of reminded me of the Diablo. He reels unsuspecting, vulnerable prey in, takes advantage of them in a serpent-esque, a la Adam and Eve, kind of way. And though Williams makes for a very disturbing villain, his portrayal of the creepy homeless, black-market, businessman was just too much for this family centered romance. Then there was the notion that Evan's music could bring his family back together. Now, I realize that this film is meant to portray a larger than life situation where hope, love, and faith are not just present in the music, it is the music. It was just too dang corny for me, Man. And Diablo, over there, played great music too. He even smiled knowingly as he listened to Evan play his final piece in the end. What is that suppose to symbolize? Is Diablo like Frank from Donnie Darko; seemingly the Devil but really God? Who knows, and quite frankly, I don't care.

This movie was too; too warm and fuzzy, too syrupy sweet, too pretty, and two goombas.

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You are too cute... -JB

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