La Misma Luna
Under the Same Moon

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have a strong opinion on illegal immigration. I do not support illegal activity, but I do recognize the bravery of human beings who leave their family, friends, community, and culture behind to gain just a chance at making their lives something better than poverty.

One of many movies featuring this political topic, La Misma Luna is a family film about a mother and son seperated by a border. Rosario immigrated to the United States illegally so she could earn money to support her family in Mexico. She left behind her son, Carlitos, at the age of four, but every Sunday for four years, she calls him from a pay phone in the middle of East LA to let him know that she loves him. Back in Mexico, Carlitos, is under the care and watchful eye of his grandmother, but when she passes unexpectedly, his desperation leads him to cross the boarder alone. Along the way, he finds help from those running in the same direction and hopes that he can find his mother before Sunday so she won't worry about him.

Everything a family film should be, La Misma Luna explorers the notions of community, family, and the swaying balance between the American dream and the costs to obtain it. A heartstrings puller, this film does everything possible to enable the viewer to empathize with its main characters. As the young protagonist, Carlitos is an absolutely adorable, round-faced charmer whose innocence and trust in humanity get him through the journey. The movie also does a good job portraying the emotional hardship of a family divided by a border. The addition of some East LA, first-born Mexican American, and immigrant culture adds to the perspective and the wider message.

However, La Misma Luna was, at times, dull and the plot was extremely predictable. Usually, in the family film genre, predictability is good, but in this case I almost felt insulted. It was like the filmmakers tried to hide what the ending would hold. The film wasn't anything new or groundbreaking, and though it makes a great Saturday afternoon watch, I wouldn't think much more of it. Cute but average, Under the Same Moon is just another movie.

Movie Review by Jenn Bollish at 12:49 PM  

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